Gastronomy Experience in Grand Velas Los Cabos

Chefs at Grand Velas Los Cabos prepare the most savory dishes originating from the world’s most desired cuisines made with the freshest local ingredients. Experience food like no other in our 4 chic and sleek bars with premium international wines and selected spirits, 1 tasting room, 3 pool bars and 1 snack bar.

Culinary Biographies

Sidney Schutte

Chef Sidney Schutte directs restaurant Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Los Cabos.

His Dutch heritage, passion for travel and four years in Asia shaped his palate and inspired him to present various taste sensations within a single dish. Ingredients themselves are a source of creative inspiration for him.

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Schutte gained extensive experience in prestigious kitchens throughout Europe and Asia, including Amber in Hong Kong, led by top Dutch chef Richard Ekkebus, recipient of two Michelin Stars; De Scholteshof in Belgium, under Roger Souvereyns, with two Michelin Stars; and De Librije in Zwolle, headed by the acclaimed Jonnie Boer, who with Schutte’s help obtained a third Michelin star for the restaurant. Just seven months after second location of De Librije opened in Amsterdam under Schutte’s command, it was awarded two Michelin stars.

He has also been recognized as “SVH Meesterkok”, the highest recognition a chef can achieve in the Netherlands.

Aurélien Legeay

Born in the town of Angers in the Loire Valley of France, Chef Legeay has 15 years of professional experience in French cuisine. He began his studies in biology and geography, however, influenced by his grandparents who owned large gardens and a butcher shop, he always possessed a greater interest in the culinary world.

His studies were carried out alongside some of the best chefs in the world, including Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Throughout his career, he has worked in prominent restaurants and hotels, such as Domaine du Mont d’Arboism Relais et Châteaux in Megève, France; Bistrot Bourgogne in Mexico City; La Gloutonnerie in Miami, Florida; Bistro Voltaire in Chicago; and Pitchoun Bakery in Los Angeles.

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After serving as Chef de Cuisine of restaurant Piaf at Grand Velas Riviera Maya Resort from 2008 to 2011, he has now returned to the company as Executive Chef of restaurant Piaf at sister property Grand Velas Los Cabos. In every dish, Legeay offers his diners an interesting fusion between the traditional flavors of the classic French bistro and preparation using the most modern culinary techniques.

La Monica

Born in Salerno, Italy on June 5, 1972, he discovered his passion for cooking while working with six friends at a restaurant-bar over the summer, during his time studying at the Eastern Autonomous University of Naples.

After several years of learning in various Italian restaurants, he specialized in wood-fired pizza and began working in Europe. In 2006, he moved to Singapore and then to South Korea. Two years later he opened a restaurant in Los Barriles in Baja California Sur. In the winter of 2012 he moved to Toronto, Canada to work with Chef Mike Di Biase in his Italian restaurant.

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In January 2013, he moved to the United Arab Emirates to work in an Abu Dhabi Catering company as Executive Chef of Italian Food, where he was recognized as the leader of the month and year. After a year and seven months in the Middle East, he spent three years in charge of Tavola restaurant at the International Fairmont Princess in Acapulco. During that time, the establishment earned the Distintivo H recognition and became known as the best place for Italian cuisine. This made him a Fairmont trimester leader and leader of the year in 2015, when the property changed to Mundo Imperial.

Today, he is the Chef of Lucca Restaurant at Grand Velas Los Cabos, where he creates exquisite Italian-Mediterranean specialties with a contemporary touch.

Ignacio Ramos

Passionate about seafood and originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Chef Ignacio Ramos discovered his love for gastronomy at age 7, when his father took him fishing. He also inherited and shares the taste and love for cooking from his grandmother and his mother.

At a young age he started working in traditional Mazatlan seafood restaurants and later studied at the ISIMA gastronomy institute. He served at the Marriot group, Emporio hotel and completed his professional internship at the GR Solaris hotel, in Cancun.

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After finishing his studies, he traveled to Cabo San Lucas and served at the Playa Grande hotel in the Italian restaurant El Risco. In 2013, he returned to work hand in hand with those he considers his main mentors, Chef Diego Becerra and Chef Ramon Zúñiga, in the renowned restaurants El Presidio, and La Compañía Minera de Panuco, that is when he learned to look for perfection in each one of the dishes and to value each ingredient.

In 2016 he returned to San Jose Del Cabo to serve, as Sous Chef, at the restaurant La Patrona, fine dining cuisine. In 2017 he joined Grand Velas Los Cabos, as Chef de Partie at Cabrilla restaurant, where he works with fresh local products, and is also in charge of the food service by the pool, giving a personal, innovative and fun touch to each of the dishes.

In 2017 he joined Grand Velas Los Cabos, as Chef de Partie at Cabrilla restaurant, where he works with fresh local products, and is also in charge of the food service by the pool, giving a personal, innovative and fun touch to each of the dishes

Francisco Vargas

Originally from Mexico City, Chef Vargas has over 14 years of professional culinary experience working in fine hotels and restaurants. At a young age, he discovered his love for gastronomy and found himself influenced by his family cooking traditions. With skill in a wide range of world cuisines, his specialty is Mexican cuisine, with touches of Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and American influence.

For him, cooking is a discipline, a form of expression, an art and the enjoyment of an innate gift. He is a creative chef and enjoys what he does to the extent that he would never consider it a job, but rather a part of his life

He obtained his degree at the Colegio Superior de Gastronomia and continued his education at universities such as the University of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, becoming certified as an Executive Chef. He has also taken part in seminars in culinary hotspots including Napa Valley, California.

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He began to sharpen his skills in a number of restaurants in Mexico City; his first positions were in Italian restaurants, where he learned important secrets of Italian cuisine. During this time, he worked with the renowned Chef Olivier Lombard at Bistrot Central restaurant, where he learned about contemporary cuisine and cuisine d’auteur.

After finishing his studies, he set off to work for the famed Grupo Vidanta hospitality group, where he spent 12 years. Starting in Nuevo Vallarta, where he was introduced to the world of hotels and restaurants, he continued on as Chef de Partie, exploring new influences in various cuisines. At the Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta resort, he was responsible for the fine cuisine at Mondo Restaurant Cocina de Autor, featuring Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean influences. He was promoted to Grand Mayan Los Cabos as Chef de Cuisine, where he led the resort’s specialty restaurant, implementing a menu of his own. He actively participates in various gourmet festivals and has also taken part in the book Taste the Flavors of Vidanta; Chef Vargas has contributed to various culinary projects to design menus and held the title of Executive Chef for the last six years.

Today, he is the Executive Sous Chef of the AAA Five Diamond Grand Velas Los Cabos, where he contributes his expertise to the culinary experience in the resort’s seven dining venues. Grand Velas Los Cabos is a top culinary destination, where the local culture and cuisine are celebrated in one of Mexico’s most beautiful and sophisticated locales. Whether visitors crave authentic Mexican, the freshest Baja seafood, or a world-class fine dining experience, he proudly adds his personal signature to every final detail.

Irving Melchor

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, his passion for the Mexican cuisine began under his mother’s influence, when he was just 8. He started to work as Kitchen Assistant at Club Campestre de Monterrey golf course while studying Gastronomy at Instituto Culinario de Monterrey.

After finishing his studies, he joined Grupo Pangea to work at El Tío restaurant, where he developed his high-quality culinary techniques and got the Distintivo H certification.

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He set off on a journey to Los Cabos in 2011 and started working in the hotel industry, making a debut at “Mexican” restaurant in Grand Fiesta Americana. In 2014, he moved to Mexico City and worked under Chef Franco Medalozzo at a Mediterranean restaurant. This experience took him to learn about European techniques.

Chef Irvin Melchor returned to the hotel industry in 2015 as responsible of the Tapanco de Casa del Mar restaurant. Then he went on to take the role of Sous Catering Chef for the opening of Grand Velas Los Cabos, and is now appointed as Chef at Azul restaurant.

Antonio Vidal

Originally from Mexico City, he studied at the University of London. He has over 12 years of experience, during which teamwork has been forged as his main philosophy. His extensive career has allowed him to take part in kitchens of prestigious restaurants in Mexico such as La Taberna del Leon, Dulce Patria, Oca, Sucre, and Cacao, among others.

He has also collaborated with international chefs such as Oriol Castro from El Bulli, Martha Ortiz from Dulce Patria, Mónica Patiño from Delirio, Vicente Torres from Garum and Matteo Salas from Oca.

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During his collaboration with chef Martha Ortiz, he was the recipient of the Best Art on a Plate and Best Sweet Experience award by the Gourmet Awards. In 2015, San Pellegrino included Dulce Patria restaurant on the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Furthermore, the French culinary list, La Liste, cataloged it among the 1,000 best restaurants in the world and one of the 5 gastronomic destinations in Mexico City.

He is characterized by a versatile and avant-garde style. The harmony of flavors, textures, and smells is a fundamental principle in his kitchen, which rewards us with dishes mainly based on painting and mimesis. Today he delights hundreds of diners at Frida restaurant in Grand Velas Los Cabos.

Carlos Rayas

Originally from the state of Hidalgo, he grew up in a family with a great foundation of culinary culture, where he learned that the best products are found in local markets, cornfields and farms.

From an early age, he had the teachings of his grandmother, two great cooks, as well as his father and mother, who cooked in celebration of a special date or for the pleasure of preparing dishes for him and his brothers.

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This introduced him to the world of gastronomy, becoming involved in household chores and continuously respecting solemnly the ingredients and flavors. So great was his desire to enter the kitchen that while he was a student he decided to work in an Italian-Argentine grill.

Then 7 years after the start of his culinary career he encountered and discovered various culinary environments in cafes, bistros, caterings, chain restaurants, and industrial canteens. In 2012 he decided to explore new horizons and moved to Playa del Carmen to immerse himself in the world of hospitality. In this destination, he had his first encounter with Velas Resorts as a chef at Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

After 5 years as station chef in different kitchens, he became Sous Executive Chef at Hotel Secrets Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, where he spent more than 2 years. His impetus and talent led him to be the Head Chef of Velas 10 restaurant at Grand Velas Los Cabos, where he was able to expand his creativity to offer an authentic and natural cuisine that highlights the flavors of the products gifted to us by the land and sea.

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