Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

This Spa is a majestic flowing marble sanctuary accented by fresh flower petal mandalas that honors the natural surroundings of the Mexican Pacific West Coast. With 16,500 Sq. Ft, this tranquil space is a refuge of healing and wellbeing.

  • Wellness and pleasure in a luxurious level
  • 16,500 Sq. Ft. of pure indulgence
  • Menu with treatments from main healing world traditions



The Spa Experience for Groups, Conventions and Incentives does not include the Hydrothermal Journey Circuit, depending on the treatment selected from our Four Elements menu. The experience is guided by expert Spa therapists who assist clients from the moment they arrive until they blissfully depart.

Procedure to make Spa Reservations for a Group:

  • Select one or more treatments per person
  • Indicate the days and times on your Group´s Agenda available for Spa activity
  • Send to the Spa Manager. You will receive a detailed itinerary per guest
  • Note that treatments of 50 min or more include the Hydrotherapy Circuit. Grand Velas Fish therapy and beauty Salon treatement do not include it.

Specials for Groups & Conventions

Spa Bonus per adult
Applies exclusively to: Treatments 50+ min –standard menu.
Does not apply to: Treatments less than 50 min, Hydrotherapy Circuit, Beauty Salon, Spa Boutique or Spa Cabanas
*Non transferrable. Non cumulative

Private Exercise Lessons
Group exercise classes (Min 5, max 20 ppl | $15 USD per person)
Hotel venue to be assigned.
Note: Refreshment station –bottled water, Gatorade, natural juices, cold towels.

Spa Service at your opening and closing event, or coffee break
Members of the group will receive a 5-min massage when requesting Shiatsu chair service ($150 USD per station, per hr.)

Spa at your meeting
Soothing music, aromas and a delicate massage from our expert therapists on neck and shoulders. Relaxing or Energizing (minimum 10, maximum 50 people, $25 USD per person).

Spa snacks
Snack bar with a selection of: dried or fresh fruits, healthy and vegan cookies, refreshing waters made with natural fruits, and hot tea. Scented ambiance in the meeting room, and music during break time (minimum 15 people, $25 USD per person)

Massage lesson
Interactive class taught by one of our therapists with basic techniques to give yourself a soothing and relaxing massage. (min 10, max 20 ppl, $15 USD per person)

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