Signature Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya Spa has redefined the concept of wellness. Luxury and wellbeing converged with water, light, aromas, flavors and textures to create an experience lived through seven sensory journeys and treatments.

  • Wellness and pleasure in a luxurious level
  • 89,305 Sq. Ft. of pure indulgence
  • Menu with treatments from main healing world traditions



Treatments of 50 min or more include the Spa Experience for Groups. Expert Spa Valets guide guests through a 1-hour hydrotherapy circuit in order to prepare body and mind to receive the benefits od selected treatment. Guests are led afterwards, to one of the 42 specialized Spa treatment suites.

Procedure to make Spa Reservations for a Group:

  • Select one or more treatments per person
  • Indicate the days and times on your Group´s Agenda available for Spa activity
  • Send to the Spa Manager. You will receive a detailed itinerary per guest
  • Note that treatments of 50 min or more include the Hydrotherapy Circuit. Grand Velas Fish therapy and beauty Salon treatement do not include it.

Specials for Groups & Conventions

Spa Bonus per adult

Applies exclusively to: Treatments 50+ min –standard menu. 

Does not apply to: Treatments less than 50 min, Hydrotherapy Circuit, Beauty Salon, Spa Boutique or Spa Cabanas

*Non transferrable. Non cumulative

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Request your proposal Today - same-day response

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